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PIRANHA Dissolvable Cement Retainer
PIRANHA Dissolvable Cement Retainer is one-of-its-kind single trip dissolvable cement retainer. PIRANHA enables running in hole, setting, cement squeezing and bi-directional sealing after the stinger pulled out of hole all in one trip. PIRANHA can be deployed with CHAMELEONTM fully dissolvable bridge plug for selective, temporary water shut-off operations.
Bi-directional pressure holding and sealing after squeezing
Compatible with customized setting tool
One-trip setting & squeezing design
Temperature Rating 104°F to 302°F
Pressure Rating 10,000psi
Dissolving Rate Customizable ROD (Rate of Dissolution)
Casing Range 4.5” 5.5”
Design Features One-trip setting, squeezing, sealing design, dissolvable tool body