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ULIA Low Invasion Additive

ULIA is a field proven additive that allows building a low invasion drilling fluid which improves wellbore circumferential stress, prevents hole collapse and effectively controls mud losses. ULIA significantly reduces fluid invasion into matrix permeability and micro-fractures by forming a very low permeability, yet acid soluble, film across the exposed formation. This film minimizes fracture propagation and actually raises the fracture initiation pressure of the formation. 

ULIA is listed at “TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS” of Nov. 2018 JPT issue, the flagship journal of SPE.


  •  Acid soluble

  •  PSD optimization resulting in less screen out by shale shakers

  •  Minimum impact to rheology due to NO presence of any polymer component

  •  Completely compatible with MWD/ LWD tools

  •  Compatible with both WBM, OBM & SBM