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Vertechs TempLog

Dissolvable frac plugs not dissolving completely is still a frequent issue in unconventional operations, that has led to increased well completion time and costs. Having accurate, first-hand downhole temperature data, it is able to help operators to constantly optimize total dissolving time of dissolvable plugs, thus, reducing the completion time and cost in the long run. TempLog, which is capable of recording downhole temperature, while being pumped down the well with dissolvable frac plugs. Knowing these factors can be extremely beneficial and important in designing dissolvable frac plugs for a particular application. 


· Measures Temperature, And Stores Values in 8KB of Data-Log Memory in 8-Bit or 16-Bit Format

· User Friendly Software for Pre-Job Configuration and Post-Job Data Collection

· Customizable Sampling Rate (Data/Second)

· Temperature Rating 125°C