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Slim-Line PhantomTM Bridge Plug Solves the Casing Deformation Challenge in Weiyuan, Sichuan Shale Gas Project

July, 2016, Weiyuan, Sichuan Shale Gas Project, casing deformation compromises the ID in the well making conditions not suitable for a conventional P&P operation. However, to rig up coiled tubing, then using TCP to frac all the intervals would increase rig time and result in additional cost. To solve the challenge, avoid additional cost and more importantly to increase the SRV dimensions, Vertechs proposed to the customer, the Slim-Line Phantom™ Bridge Plug with excellent pump-through ability. 

To date, 370 Phantom™ Bridge Plugs have been set, with zero (0) failures downhole. Obviously, Vertechs Phantom Plug is an important breakthrough technology for China Shale Gas projects, especially in this current Sichuan project. Vertechs continues to be dedicated to providing an integrated package of specialized products and original engineering solutions. Vertechs is an innovative, technical leader in the Oil & Gas industry. Contact us, to help you, find solutions.