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2023 Vertechs Plug Recap

Explore 2023 Vertechs Plug Highlights, and anticipate more innovative solutions from us in 2024.&nbs...

Innovation, Dedication, Commitment

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation towards our R&D, application and...

Smart Fin, Save water, Reduce Fuel Consumption, Improve Pump Down Efficiency

Vertechs Smart-Fin was developed and field proven to bring additional value to our clients, by impro...

Utilizing Elastomer and Metal Seals in Dissolvable Frac Plugs: A Brief Overview

From a neutral standpoint, we have contributed a brief article on the utilization of elastomer and m...

New Dissolvable Frac Plugs: An Innovative Solution for Sustainable Well Stimulation

As the world becomes increasingly focused on reducing carbon emissions, the oil and gas industry is...

Every aspect of operation should be considered in designing and testing

Plugs can hold pressure perfectly in lab tests, but might have issue in live wells. Although every s...

Improve unconventional completion efficiency and reduce cost with ZERO

Most dissolvable frac plugs are made up of many different components, and these components are desig...

Vertechs Smart Fin — Specialized Dissolvable Pump Ring

Pump down efficiency can be improved by manipulating annular velocity of the bypass fluid. Major fac...

Can ROD Really Represent Dissolving Characteristics Of Dissolvable Frac Plugs?

Rate of dissolving/dissolution defines how quickly a solute dissolve in solvent. A dissolvable frac...

Vertechs Mission Critical Service

Revive your completion with our mission critical service! Don't let extreme challenges stand in...

Vertechs Frac Plug Crash Test

Are the plugs running in your wells strong enough?Click HERE for more information