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Vertechs Completes the Cementing Operation Successfully on the Longest Shale Gas Horizontal Well in Southwest China

Shale gas drilling in Sichuan Province (southwest China) has been known for its high pressure reservoirs, well control sensitivity, high temperature, lost circulation events and narrow pressure window issues. All these matters pose big challenges to a successful cementing job. In collaboration with OMAX, Vertechs has accomplished the cementing of  the longest shale gas horizontal well in southwest China. A good cementing job starts with good understanding of applications and considerable preparation. Numerous lab tests and optimizations have been carried out for over one month prior to the cementing operation.A  patented fiber and weighting agent, elastic cement system, and high differential temperature additives have been utilized to cope with serious circulation losses and HTHP challenges. Good communication and proper planning set the stage for a safe and successful cementing operation. Success on this well paves the way for optimizing cementing practices for shale gas applications in southwest China.