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Vertechs Wellbore Strengthening Material (WSM) ULIA On-time Delivery to Client’s Warehouse

May  2nd, 2018, several truckloads of ULIA were delivered to client’s warehouse on time for deployment to wells in progress. ULIA is added to any type of drilling fluid to reduce the formation invasion and mitigate wellbore instability problems.

Numerous wells in Southwest China suffer from complex downhole problems caused by wellbore instability, such as the loss of OBM and differential pressure sticking. Some of those wells are HTHP  class with BHST ranging up to >150℃/302 deg F and 2.3 SG mud density . These wells also feature a high H2S environment (20 ppm), and many scenarios have a narrow ECD window. Without WSM there is a high risk of collapse and losses or seepage occurring simultaneously. As a specially designed and formulated WSM, ULIA is uniquely manufactured to meet these challenges and stabilize the formations and reduce loss.

ULIA is a field proven additive that contains nanoparticles creating a dynamic bridge. Improved properties are achieved, thereby reducing-invasion to eliminate liquid (mud or filtrate) encountering sensitive zones. In porous sections ULIA builds a tough filter cake to control mud loss, prevent hole collapse and improve wellbore circumferential stress stability. The optimized PSD in ULIA uses no polymer keeping rheology stable and allowing application at a downhole temperature up to 180℃/350 deg F.