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Vertechs RWSS Helps PetroChina Appraisal Well Achieve High-yield Production

On November 17, MX019-X1, located in Moxi block of AnYue gas field, Southwest China, has achieved gas production of 72 million cubic feet per day.

Vertechs RWSS (Real-time Wellbore Strengthening Solutions) was applied as reservoir protection technology in this well, resulted great performance, comparing to adjust wells drilled without RWSS. The mechanism of RWSS is to minimize mud losses and prevent induced loss in real-time by utilizing nano based wellbore strengthening material. Not only it strengthens the wellbore while drilling, it also prevents drilling fluid from contaminating the pay zone. In addition, a patented portable device is used onsite to evaluate the effectiveness of nano material in real-time, allows the operator to adjust the concentration on the fly.