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Effective Produced Water Management with Customized Plug

In a decade-long production history, an aging gas well has encountered higher increased volume of produced water. Evaluating the situation, the completion configuration is made of three frac sleeves and three packers. After identifying the specific problem zone, a strategic decision was made to address the issue by setting a plug at a depth of 13,484 feet, situated within the mandrel of the final packer with an internal diameter of 2.75 inch.

However, obstacles presented itself during the operation, the plug needed to navigate through the frac sleeves with a restricted internal diameter of only 2.13 inch. To accomplish this demanding task, the operator utilized a customized plug with an outer diameter of 1.93 inch from VERTECHS, in conjunction with an electric setting tool and mechanical locator, deployed through slickline operation. When the tool string reached 13,500 feet, it was lifted up until surface tension increase was observed, indicating the tool is inside the packer, then the plug was successfully set at the designated depth, and a real-time monitoring system was implemented for ongoing assessment.

As a result, there was a substantial reduction in the volume of produced water. Prior to isolation, the well was producing 158 barrels of produced water daily. Now, it is producing less than 30 barrels per day, an impressive 80% reduction in produced water.

Our expertise lies in delivering isolation solutions to overcome challenging downhole operations for our valued customers. If you are facing issues that conventional tools cannot address or if there are no available tools to resolve your specific problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.