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Publication of Vertechs Sophisticated Slurry System Solutions on Oilfield TechnologyJournal

Vertechs is a major cementing service provider in southwest China’s shale gas play. During the increased focus and activity to produce  shale gas,Vertechs has been providing fit-for-purpose cementing systems since 2011. Shale gas development largely uses oil-base mud for horizontal well drilling, to provide increased hole stability, a rapid rate of penetration and reusability. There is also an emphasis on large-scale fracturing technology in order to maximise production capacity and develop greater economic value.

Vertechs Multi-FIT cement slurry “designed system” is a customized solution aimed at providing stable cement performance and results in well sections known for: elevated temperature; abnormal pressure; large differential temperature; complex shale gas and horizontal well completions. The Multi-FIT system is devised especially for the numerous cementing complexities to consider when following any drilling operation and especially when using  oil-based mud.

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