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Vertechs Fluids Products now Listed in World Oil's Fluids Guide 2015

VClean is a solvent/detergent additive designed specifically for OBM environments which is field proven (23 unconventional horizontal wells to date) to provide efficient cleanup of residue deposits and creates a water wet environment prior to perforating the casing and stimulating the well.


OBM/SBM residue cleanup (casing, downhole tools and surface equipment).

Crude oil residue cleanup  (downhole equipment, surface equipment and pipelines)


Effective cleaning, excellent performance with emulsion breaking, thinning, dissolving & dispersion

Biodegradable and environmentally acceptable

Compatible with fresh water, seawater and clear brines

Working temperature up to 300 °F

ULIA Ultra Low Invasion Additive for Drilling Fluid that allows building a low invasion drilling fluid which improves wellbore circumferential stress, prevents hole collapse and effectively controls mud losses. ULIA significantly reduces fluid invasion into matrix permeability and micro-fractures by forming a very low permeability, yet acid soluble, barrier across the exposed formation. This barrier minimizes fracture propagation and actually raises the fracture initiation pressure of the formation. Since ULIA has no polymer component it can be used in temperatures up to 180°C / 350⁰F


Micro-fracture formation

Permeable matrix formation

Fragmental rock formation

Shale formation

Coal formation

Product Features

PSD optimization resulting in less screen out by shakers.

Minimum impact to rheology due to no polymer component.

Less formation damage due to acid solubility.

Completely compatible with MWD/ LWD tools.

Compatible with both water based and synthetic based muds.

Vertechs has a professional team focusing on fluids R&D, striving to provide innovative and superior products to meet the challenges for oil and gas development.