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Phantom™ Plugs Help PetroChina Operator - Saving 14 Days of Drill-Out Time in WY Shale Gas Block

In Weiyuan, Sichuan shale gas project of Great Wall Drilling Company (GWDC), from 25th August to 13th September, Vertechs successfully ran and set 40 Phantom™ bridge plugs in two wells - H1 and H2 – plug & perforate (P&P) operations, 20 plugs for each well respectively. All the Phantom™ plugs have been set securely.  In the follow-up frac job, maximum 11,603 psi wellhead pressure was achieved, which ensured the frac operation was carried out as efficiently as expected. The big bore ID of the Phantom™ bridge plug allows coiled tubing intervention through the tool, thus eliminating the need for drill-out. Together with Vertechs dissolvable VVanish™ frac ball, no flow-back or mill-out is needed so this reduces rig time and related risk dramatically, and additionally brings the well into production in a time-efficient manner. Vertechs operations have been completed to GWDC and Vertechs’ HSE standards with zero recordable accident and zero NPT. Vertechs has been recognized as the first company to achieve this goal in this area. In the production phase, the two wells, H1 and H2, reached a level of 17.294 million ft3 gas production per day.