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Vertechs Successfully Accomplished Challenging 75/8" Intermediate Casing & 5" Production Casing Cementing Operation on Unconventional Gas Well

In November, 2015, Vertechs completed the 7⅝” intermediate casing and 5” production casing cementing operation successfully on the unconventional shale gas well in southwest China. 

The design of the second section required drilling to approach horizontal (production section) in 9½” hole, with a maximum well inclination up to 79 degrees; For the production section, losses encountered (loss rate up to 20 m3/h), float valve failing before cementing operation made cementing very challenging. All these factors, plus the regional wellbore instability on offset wells, the long cementing interval, makes the cement design and execution extremely complex.

With Vertechs professional, multinational team and specialty (Multi-FIT Cement System), the cementing operation was completed flawlessly. For both of the sections, the plugs were bumped (pressure recorded), no losses or pack-off during the whole operation. What’s more, for the production section, it was the first time using VF Dart and bumped pressure in southwest China which achieved another technical milestone for Vertechs in China’s shale gas intermediate casing cementing. 

The success of this well proves again that Vertechs is not only a “Cement Chemical” supplier, but clearly a great choice as a “Cementing Technology Integrated Solution Provider”.