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Vertechs ls Invited to Attend the Opening Ceremony of the Third SPE Culture Festival and The First International Petroleum Engineering Professional Challenge

May 24th, 2016 the 3rd SPE Culture Festival and the 1st International Petroleum Engineering Professional Challenge, was held by Southwest Petroleum University in Chengdu, China. 

The theme of this SPE Culture Festival is “New Future, New Dream”. The main purpose is to provide a platform for an exchange of knowledge about Oil Exploration & Environment for students coming from various petroleum universities. Representatives from some important enterprises including; Vertechs, PetroChina, Sinopec, Shell, Schlumberger, Chevron, Weatherford and other sponsors were invited to attend this Opening ceremony. Also participants from 18 universities including University Teknologi Petronas (Malaysia), Padjadjaran University (Indonesia), UPN Veteran Yogyakarta (Indonesia), and another 14 important petroleum universities from China attended this ceremony.

During the ceremony, Guo Xiao, the Dean of SWPU, gave an opening speech, then followed with a speech made by Sheng Jiaping, a prominent professor from Texas University. And the most exciting part is the Q & A section. You can always found yourself exposed to the overwhelming applause. 

This SPE Culture Festival is planned to be held for three days. Vertechs encourages all participants from different universities to participate and enjoy the sessions together. Vertechs supports SWPU, SPE in this important collaboration, to promote the positive development of petroleum industry.