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Vertechs High Pressure Invasion Tester Featured in The Journal of Petroleum Technology, The SPE's (Society of Petroleum Engineer) Flagship Magazine

Vertechs High Pressure Invasion Tester (HPIT) has been introduced in the June 2016 issue of The Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), where the SPE presents authoritative briefs and features on E&P technology advancements.  HPIT is a high pressure invasion tester using variable test media and giving results in a visual inspection tube. The HPIT has been developed by Vertechs R&D group after more than 2 years’ effort. There is no other portable, high pressure, testing equipment that can achieve on the spot, visual evaluation of high performance drilling fluids & LCM in the field. The introduction of the HPIT has offered a new tool to the drilling fluid management and design toolbox. Additionally, local interest has lead to successful application of HPIT by Vertechs customers in their own testing programs to assess their fluid formulations and design. This demonstrates the versatility and potential of this unique equipment.

For many conventional drilling fluid tests, the majority of customers are not provided timely evaluation while considering or using low invasion additives or LCM. This is due to the frequent limitation of equipment being deployed and more specifically the lack of results achieved, under high pressure, in a visual tester – results you can see!  The HPIT allows planning, monitoring of wellbore strengthening or invasion prevention additives concentration or ratios by testing them in a rock media (similar to formation permeability and porosity) with visible results as to the efficacy of the formulation(s). The tests can be repeated without delay and the test media can be varied as the rock strata changes. Is the fluid preventing losses and providing a benefit? This is an important and expensive question. The HPIT can provide the answers.  Tests can be run on premix or returned mud from the wellbore. Comparative testing can also be done to determine depletion and optimize fluid formulations with real data, done while drilling your well. HPIT is portable and can achieve rapid evaluation – almost continuous assessment – of drilling fluids by one person without any gas/electricity source.

Vertechs HPIT advantages:

l  The maximum testing pressure is 1100 psi

l  No external electricity or gas source required

l  Transparent observation window, visible result

l  Simple manual operation

l  Portable tester and can be used at any location anytime

l  Versatile LCM & drilling fluids invasion tester