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Vertechs Won Shell's Appreciation

Vertechs successfully achieved a challenging triple cement plug operation (wellbore, annulus A&B) in a one-time procedure for the Shell SC abandonment project.

XXX-X was a unique and challenging well for abandonment planning due to existing B annulus pressure. Additional complexity – the top of cement in annulus A is shallower than the top of cement in annulus B. This required perforating to create a channel between the main wellbore, annulus B through annulus A. Initial planning was to pump the Vertechs Multi-Fit cement slurry through the new channel to annulus B then sealing both annulus B and wellbore.Once the slot-gun perforated the annulus-A, it meant circulation between wellbore and annulus-A was possible. The decision was made to innovate the plan in order to seal annulus-A&B and wellbore at one-time.

The formulation of the Multi-Fit cement slurry was modified (and tested) to make it as easy as possible to flow through the jet perforated channel. This revised recipe combined with an optimized pumping procedure, Vertechs completed a flawless cement plug job to successfully seal annulus B&A and wellbore in a single operation. For most cement abandonment plug jobs, it is rare to effectively spot a single cement plug to seal both annulus A&B and wellbore simultaneously. Significant effort has been expended to achieve this success, demonstrating teamwork and commitment both from our client and Vertechs.

Vertechs, as a trusted partner and one-stop, solution & service provider, once again won our client’s acknowledgement and appreciation.