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Vertechs Phantom Hybrid Big Bore Plug Debut in Sichuan Shale Gas Project, China

From 4th of March to 24th of April, 2017.  27 stage frac with Phantom Hybrid Plugs was successfully wrapped up in Sichuan Shale Gas Project with zero (0) failure. Average 2000 m3 frac fluids were pumped for each stage at a pump rate over 12 m3/min, and wellhead pressure is over 70 Mpa. With Vertechs Speed mill shoe, the milling time for each plug is less than 60 mins.

Vertechs Phantom Hybrid Bridge Plugs are recognized as an innovation of big-bore bridge plug in Sichuan Shale Gas Project, and unlike conventional big-bore bridge plug, it gives operator choices to either produce the well directly or mill out for full-bore access for completions installation.

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