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Vertechs HPIT- High Pressure Invasion Tester Is Issued As A New Product In 《World Oil》 Aug.2017

The article "DRILLING FLUID TESTER TARGETS FLUID LOSS, BRIDGING CAPACITY" which introduced Vertechs HPIT, a portable, gas-free, visualized and high pressure test kit, is issued  as a new product in 《World Oil》 Aug.2017.  

HPIT is a proprietary instrument belongs to Vertechs, and it’s designed to test invasion severity of drilling fluids. HPIT improves a traditional invasion test and creates an innovative LCM test in one convenient test apparatus. NO external energy (gas source or electricity) is needed to pressure up. HPIT can be easily operated by single person and achieve invasion testing for LCM & drilling fluids at any location - anytime. HPIT provides the ability to choose a wide range of testing media, to give a variable testing range for all applications. Typical example test beds include frac-sand, steel beads and slot. Additionally, the transparent invasion observation window in HPIT allows a visible test result for depth and rate of invasion. Plan your fluid formulation and confirm performance! Optimize with real data in the lab or on the well.

Since early 2016, this revolutionary test kit has been adopted by lots of mud companies and unconventional operators, but Vertechs never stop the R&D process to  satisfy different test requirements.