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Breakthrough of Dissolvable Bridge Plug Applications in Southwest China Shale Play

Southwest China’s shale block is the biggest nationally and the first operational block brought to production. It is owned and operated by CNPC. On 10th August 2017, with the last fracturing interval finished, a total of 41 stages PnP have been completed by using the Wizard dissolvable bridge plug.

Compared to the big bore bridge plug, the Wizard dissolvable bridge plugs can achieve full wellbore dimensions are unrestricted as they are completely dissolved within a few days after completion operations are concluded. With no requirement for a milling operation, it can also save cost and allow wells to produce more quickly. In recent years, properly designed and reliable dissolvable bridge plugs are accepted by clients as a new technique for shale gas fracturing.  ChangNing H5 is the first fracturing test location in China for the large-scale application of dissolvable bridge plugs. A total of 41 WIZARD dissolvable bridge plugs were set with 100% success rate in Well No.2 and Well No.3. Well No.3 established a field record for a maximum number of dissolvable plug run in single well.

WIZARD dissolvable bridge plug can hold a 10,000 psi differential pressure and is designed for temperatures up to 150℃. During the entire operation, the maximum continuous operational time is 15 hrs and highest pump pressure is 80 MPa. Meanwhile, it is a unique accomplishment and the first time to run a dissolvable bridge plug with a Coiled Tubing Unit (CTU). Full well bore access was confirmed by a CTU run tagging bottom without restriction, which proves the dissolvable bridge plug in the well is fully dissolved. The success of CHNH5-2 & 3 is demonstrating the significance of first large-scale dissolvable bridge plug application in domestic shale gas project. More importantly this is further indication the technical feasibility of using a dissolvable bridge plug in any shale gas project – saving time, money and reducing risk.