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Vertechs Presented The AAR of Shell Sichuan Wells Completion & Abandonment

July 27, 2017. Vertechs was invited to attend the Shell Sichuan wells completion & abandonment review session.  A notable presentation was given, describing challenges Shell and Vertechs met and solved together during the past 6 years’ collaboration.

Vertechs VP Liam Zeng introduced the relevant product lines to those in attendance and reviewed the services provided on the Shell Sichuan project.

John Zhu, Vertechs application engineer who focused on the Shell abandonment project, gave a detailed recap of operations involving Vertechs. This included: challenging large temperature differential cement slurries; and complex, single stage, ultra-long reservoir cement plugs. This features Vertechs sophisticated Multi-FIT cement slurry system and impressive, specialized downhole tools. Vertechs provided a high quality, one source solution service for these challenges. This professional approach and delivery made Vertechs the preferred choice over other competitive offerings. Additionally, teamwork and consistent delivery succeeded in earning the trust of Shell and acknowledgement for an excellent job.

During the past 3 years, Vertechs effectively wrapped up the Shell Sichuan abandonment project giving impeccable service throughout. Vertechs, as always, will continue to dedicate ourselves to impress our clients with a fit-for-purpose, one source oil & gas solution service.