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5½” VERTECHS WIZARD® Dissolvable Bridge Plug Application in Sichuan Shale Gas Project, China

8th Dec, 2016, in Sichuan Shale Gas Project, China, VERTECHS WIZARD® dissolvable bridge plug was successfully set, followed by 2432 m3 fluids frac at a maximum frac rate over 14 m3/min and a maximum wellhead pressure of over 75 Mpa, while closing up 21 stage frac in a shale gas horizontal well. With programmed well shut-in time and a specified flow-back program, the VERTECHS WIZARD® Bridge Plug dissolved in the custom designed duration downhole. This was proven by running a coil tubing gauge ring past the plug setting depth, without any restriction. In the flow-back stage, no VERTECHS WIZARD® dissolvable bridge plug components or debris were observed or reported. 

Consider the advantages in accomplishing isolation and then a full bore casing ID, without milling. We can help upgrade your completion planning, production intervention ops, well logging and re-frac operations. For more information about VERTECHS WIZARD® dissolvable bridge plug, please contact engineering@vertechs.com.