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Successful application of low temperature CHAMELEON dissolvable bridge plugs in Ordos Basin, China.

More than 1000 sets of CHAMELEON low temperature dissolvable bridge plugs were used in a major P&P operation located in Ordos Basin, CPEB, China. On average, 10-15 plugs RIH daily. Since August 2018, more than 50 wells were completed under 3 months.

CHAMELEON is customized to be fully dissolved within 7 days under 104-140°F. CT drift runs has proven full well bore access after well completion.

CHAMELEON is one of Vertechs’ dissolvable product with dual-slip design to hold high differential pressure from above and below, which can be set by conventional wireline or hydraulic setting tools. The pressure rating is up to 10,000psi, temperature ranges from 104°F to 302°F. For application flexibility, the rate of dissolution (ROD) and design can be customized on a case by case basis to meet operational requirements.