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Vertechs' Real-time Wellbore Strengthening Solution (RWSS) Successfully Implemented at a Challenging Well in Southwest China

Vertechs’ proprietary Real-time Wellbore Strengthening Solution (RWSS) was successfully implemented at a high density water based mud (~ 2.3 SG), to complete the drilling of a PetroChina well on June 18th 2019, in mid Sichuan region. The drilling records from the adjacent wells revealed complex situations such as, wellbore instability and repeated losses up to 70%. After implementing Vertechs’ RWSS, no NPT arising from wellbore instability or losses was reported. 

Since 2017, RWSS, comprising of both real-time mud invasion evaluation equipment -HPIT (high pressure invasion tester) and nano wellbore strengthening materials -ULIA (ultra-low invasion additives), has successfully solved the problems of well bore strengthening for major domestic operators by significantly shortening the drilling cycle and improving the safety of operations.