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2019 Vertechs Charity Activity


On Oct 29th 2019, representatives of Vertechs arrived in Kejiapu village of Sichuan province with donation supplies. Kejiapu village is a typical compact community in alpine mountain area. Although it is in remote area and high altitude, it did not hold back the passion for charity and the care for local people.


Accompanied by local government officials, supplies were distributed by company employees to local villagers in need. During the event, through close communication, Vertechs extended pleasant and friendly consolation to the local villagers, understanding their daily lives, living conditions, educations and more, bringing warmth and solicitude.


At shuanghe village primary school, supplies such as rain coats, boots, sports and entertaining equipment were distributed to the students. It would take up to 2 hours for these young kids to travel on foot from their home to school, although the school is built with the aid of government, the living conditions for the students are still harsh.


The most meaningful part of this trip is to bring hope and love to these children, not only by providing substances for their daily lives, but most importantly, letting them understand that through hard work and education, they can also change their lives and pursuit a bright future. 


Not only it’s our obligation, it’s also the way of Vertechs