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Vertechs Presents Innovative Technologies to Boost Digital Transformation in Energy Industry at 2021 IADC/SPE MPD & UBO Conference & Exhibition

From September 14th to 16th, 2021, IADC / SPE Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) & Underbalanced Operations (UBO) Conference & Exhibition, one of the most influential international events in oil and gas industry was held in Houston. Vertechs presents REALology and HOLOWELLS, two brand new digital solutions to the audiences.


REALology, the intelligent drilling fluid performance online monitoring system

REALology is a fully automatic system that continuously monitors drilling fluid’s temperature, density, and rheology. Accurate real-time drilling fluid properties now can be obtained every 5 minutes, which enables faster response to prevent and resolve downhole problems, including wellbore instability, narrow drilling window, cuttings accumulation and more, improving overall drilling performance and reduce NPT.


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HOLOWELLS, a digital twin platform for well construction

As the oil and gas industry adjusts to the new economic climate and the lower price of oil, operators are confronted by the pressing need to lower costs and increase efficiency. Therefore, the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry has become imperative if companies are to succeed in this digital era. HOLOWELLS is the platform created by Vertechs for well construction sector. The real-time data in well construction is diffused seamlessly between the digital models and physical entity to enable co-existence, and advanced algorithms are integrated into the platform to enhance the understanding and connections between people and operations. On HOLOWELLS platform, all real-time data are gathered and reflected in 3D digital twin models, improve the operation understanding and enhance hazard prediction, and enable specialist support remotely.


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