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Vertechs High Pressure Invasion Tester- HPIT Has been Authorized by Canadian Intellectual Property Office

After nearly 28 months of strict auditing process, , Vertechs High Pressure Invasion Tester (HPIT®) has received the invention authorization from Canadian Intellectual Property Office in Aug 2018. 

Vertechs HPIT® is designed to test invasion severity of drilling fluids. Comparing to traditional invasion/LCM instruments, HPIT® do not require external power source such as gas or electricity to pressurize up to 900 psi testing pressure. HPIT® is portable and can be easily operated by single personnel to perform invasion tests on WSM/LCM & drilling fluids at any location, anytime. Additionally, the transparent window allows a visible observation for the depth and rate of invasion test result. 

This portable, gas-free, visualized, high pressure tester has filled the technology gap for onsite drilling fluids’ and LCM real-time invasion performance tests, which provides a reliable reference for field engineers to handle circulation lost much more effectively.