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QHSE Objectives & Responsibilities
Time:2019-08-01 Publisher:VT Views:3238
The Vertechs HSE Committee is committed to the promotion of health and safety in all areas of its influence and subscribes to the philosophy that all accidents are preventable and that safety behavior becomes the Vertechs membership way of life. Establishment of achievable targets and performance indicators that show continued improvement and the ultimate achievement and maintenance of zero injuries, accidents and work related illness. Through the HSE Committee, Vertechs and its Membership embrace, support and act within their sphere of influence for the protection of the environment (land, air, water and wildlife) and whenever feasible support and/or improve communities and social environments to elevate the standard of living and education of local populations.


  • Develop, implement and maintain a company safety management system that complies with ISO45001 and all statutory regulations and ensure that employees understand and use the safety management system.
  • Review our working processes at planned intervals to ensure legislative compliance.
  • Promote and increase the level of reporting of incidents and hazardous occurrences, and risks. Also improve on the depth of investigation for all such reports.
  • Take effective management corrective and preventative actions on identified safety problems and seek to remedy the source of these problems.
  • Perform audits on the OH&S System and implement corrective & preventive action as a result of identified non-conformities and/or accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences.
  • Continuously review and seek to improve the effectiveness of the Company Safety Management System.

Key Responsibilities

  • Help all members who do not have a safety management system to build one using the new Vertechs Safety Guidelines as a reference.
  • Obtain major client endorsement of Vertechs Safety Guidelines.
  • Follow up on safety statistic input to obtain maximum participation at the highest level possible in a timely manner.
  • Perform analysis of results to determine major repetitive causes and propose corrective plans and actions in collaboration with the New Technologies Committee.
  • Review parameters for the Health and Safety Award.