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High Expansion Dissolvable Plug (HEDP)
Vertechs High Expansion Dissolvable Plug (HEDP) is designed to solve severe downhole restriction challenges for unconventional well completion or workover. By reducing the plug OD substantially, HEDP improves the pass-thru ability of pump down assembly. Minimal plug OD, fully dissolvable features don’t comprise the pressure holding up to 10,000 psi. HEDP also comes with a patent pending “SMART-FIN” sleeve (Optional). When pump down starts, the pump ring around the setting sleeves opens up, reduce the fluid bypass, increase pump down efficiency and reduce fluids consumption.
Customizable ROD for various applications
Gen2 dissolvable packing elements
Exceptional pass-thru ability
Robust barrel slips designed for wide setting range
Temperature Rating 104~302℉
Pressure Rating 10,000 psi
Dissolving Rate Suitable for fresh water or produced water. Fully customizable ROD.
Casing Range 3.5” 4.5” 5” 5. 5” 6”
Casing Grade Up to V140
Special Features Long setting range to cope with extreme downhole restrictions