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VISTA Degradable Frac Diversion System

VISTA series degradable frac diversion system is designed for diverting fluids during stimulation treatment. By default, the fluids will reach the zone with lowest rock stress at the early stages of a fracture treatment. By utilizing VDP and VDB, the path to lowest stress zone will be sealed temporarily and withstanding high differential pressure, the fluids are then selectively diverted to new zones with higher rock stress. The deployment of the VD series alternatives, utilize engineered particles or sized diverter ball, provides a design concept tailored for specific reservoir conditions. This unique and flexible strategy achieves a more uniform stimulation result across the entire payzone. 

   VDP-Degradable Diversion Particles     VDB-Degradable Diversion Balls


  •  Customized degradation time & size

  •  Compressive stress up to 10,150 psi

  •  Temperature resistance 302 deg F

  •  UP to 100% reservoir permeability recovery

  •  Degradable in (salt) water, acid and alkaline solutions