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Adaptive ESP Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM)

Vertechs Adaptive ESP Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) has a compact design with high power density. The power consumption during its operation is significantly lower, it also has a low transportation risk and a higher passthrough DLS. It is compatible with any surface and downhole equipment, without having the need to change the VSD. Standard and low-speed PMMs provide power and torque for both ESP and PCP applications. Adaptive PMM has an extremely low operating temperature, which reduces the risk of system damage arising from high temperatures during operation, thereby enhancing its performance and run life. The low idle current of PMM enables light load condition diagnosis and is suitable for high gas applications. 

Pressure Rating 5,000psi
Voltage Rating 5,000V (AC)
Current Rating 125A
Temperature Rating 302℉/150˚C

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Adaptive PMM

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